OLIVIER / Zoomlion Preheater (LR4500)

OLIVIER / Zoomlion Preheater
with Deutz-diesel engine

Road surface cold planer

Technical data
Technical data

Heath width (mm)

Heath depth (mm) 0-60 
Working speed (m/min) 0-5
Running speed (km/h) 0-5
Heat capacity (kW) 2790 (240 x 104 kcal)
Heat method Hot air recirculating heat
Control method auto ignition and ignition fail alarm, automatic temperature control overall process
Heat fuel 2 light diesel
Engine Deutz (water-cooled)
Engine power (kW) 133
Transport weight (kg) 22000
Working weight (kg) 24000
Transport dimension (mm) 11700 x 2800 x 2700
Tranportation method  

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