OLIVIER / Zoomlion Towing Truck OL-ZL-5320/5321/5230TQZX

OLIVIER / Zoomlion Towing Truck OL-ZL-5320/5321/5230TQZK with standard equipment: Two stage extension boom, two hydraulic winch, monolithic tool box, three lights, a group of basic fitting, wheel lifting device and black-and-white monitor.
Option equipment: Wired remote control system, rescuing equipment and tools.


Technical data
Chassis model Steyr 20t (North-Benz, ISUZU)
Max. lifting capacuty (kg) 10,000
Max. towing and drawing capacity (kg) 32,000
Max. lifting capacity (kg) 20,000
Max. lfiting height (mm) 9,500
Rotatable angle of lift boom (°) 360 continously
Winch rated pulling force (kN) 136 x 2
Length of the wire rope (m) 50
Wheel base 5625 + 1350
Transportation method
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