OLIVIER / Zoomlion Road Sweeper (ZLJ5061TSL)

OLIVIER / Zoomlion Road Sweeper: The new generation road sweeper made by Chinese Standard Company is mainly used in sweeping the city road, bridge, square, airport, dock and so on. Original" four brooms in the center-rear nozzle" overall structure arrangement, wide sweeping width, short front axle suspension, easy change the hose and adjust nozzle.


Technical data
Chassis model EQ1061TJ (with air-conditioning)
Max. travel speed (km/h) 90
Overall dimension (mm) 5,950 x 2,140 x 2,525
Aux. engine model CY4102BG-16 diesel engine
Aus. engine power (kW/rpm) 55 / 2,400
Max. sweeping width (m) / sweeping speed (km/h) 3.5 / 15
Max. seeping capacity (m²/h) 52,500
Hopper vol. (m³) 5.5
Water tank vol. (L) 800
Transportation method  
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