OLIVIER / Zoomlion Road Washer (ZLJ5201GQX)

OLIVIER / Zoomlion Road washer Model ZLJ5201GQX mainley used in washing expressway, highway and the city road accessorial establishment; suitable for watering trees, dust-setting, spraying disinfector, air-wetting.

Main feature:

Hydraulic powered from the chassis engine driving the high pressure water pump and low pressure water pump of the dualwater circuit.

Modularization multicleaning functions.

Cleaning in high pressure, excellent cleaning effect, water saving and high efficiency.

Excellent imported high pressure water pump, peculiar nozzle, spraying gun, key hydraulic and electrical components, ensuring reliable performance.

Electrical pneumatic hydraulic control.

Inner surface of water tank treated by advanced alloyed antirust process, no corrosive.

Optional: Hydraulic lifting platform, highway guard rail washing equipment, self-sucking, snow blade etc.




Technical data
Chassis model EQ1208GJ1
Engine model EQB210-20 (EURO II)
Front sprayer 2.5-3.5
Sprayer bar angle (t) 30 to left and right
Washing pressure (MPa) 9
Washing flow rate (L/min) 120
Washing width / Giant range (m) ≥16 / ≥38
Water tank volume (L) 15,000
Overall dimension (mm) 11,695 x 2,495 x 3,000
Transportation method  

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