OLIVIER / Zoomlion Fully Hydraulic Excavator (XCG60-8)

OLIVIER / Zoomlion Fully Hydraulic Excavator:
High power, low fuel consumption and environmental friendly  -
High power output, super-low fuel consumption, low-cost operation, super-low noise, Yanmar C&S diesel engine has the Tier II emission certification;
Specialization, high quality - Focused on excavator development and research in last 20 years with accumulated experience and know-how, leading position in Chinese excavator industry;
Safe, comfort, high efficiency - CE certification, consistency and reliability in quality, safe and comfort in operation environment; unique IB sensor system for increased working efficiency;
Multi function - to be fitted with variable attachments and tools for multi-function works, one machnine serves multiple purposes.


Technical data
Rated bucket capacity (m³) 0.21
Operating weight (kg) 5,990
Engine model YANMAR 4TNV94L
Rated output (Hp/kW) 53 / 39
Rated speed  (rpm) 2,200
Displacement (L) 3.054
Fuel tank (L) 105
Overall width of blade (mm) 2,000
Max. blade raise / tower (mm) 400 / 360
Max. oil flow (L/min) 59x2 + 42x1
Hydraulic system pressure (MPa) 23
Hydraulic oil tank (L) 115
Transportation method  
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