OLIVIER / Zoomlion Waste Compacting Station (YJC400)

OLIVIER / Zoomlion YJC400 Vertical waste compacting and transporting station complete equipment. The series equipment includes many model such as YJC300/YJC300B, YJC400/YJC400A/YJC400B. This equipment has held many patents for waste compactor, container, and waste transporting truck. The series vertical compacting equipment set is superior to other type of waste compacting equipment in efficiency, waste compacted degree, waste collecting, unloading an loading the truck and the occupancy of a station. Compared with other vertical compacting equipment sets, it is more advanced in waste full-sealed treatment, structure arrangement, optimization of grade mechanism, automation degree, operating convenience and quickness, etc. Furthermore, this equipment set adopting perfect means of environment protections, ensures the tidy and clean work environment of the transporting station, decreasing the undesirable effect to surrounding.

The station take small floor space, rubbish dumped in three direction, compactor dispose big bulk rubbish
Retaining the dust pollution by spraying water, annihilating flies and deodorization by adding biologic deodorizer, dispose the waste harmlessly.
Low equipment be cause of advanced compacting tech, ensure high pressure and high load capacity.
Lift-hook ensure equipment and personnel safety.


Technical data
Vertical waste compactor
Overall dimension (mm) 5,370 x 3,250 x 4,350
Rated waste treating capacity (t) 80
Max. compacting force (t) 120

Rating compacting force (t)


Compacting carriage vol. (m³) 5.0
Dimension of the cub block (mm) 1,850 x 1,600 x 1,500
Weight of the block (t) 2 x 4 = 8
Rating work pressure of the hydraulic system (Mpa) 21
Power (kW) 18.5/22
Weight of compactor (t) 20
Transportation method
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